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Is it mandatory to mention marketed by address as per drug license for PCD Pharma Company?

This is the common question asked by many new start ups of PCD Pharma Company. There is confusion among pharma professionals that if we really need drug license at marketed by address or not because there is no specific guideline available to define this issue. If drug is marketed by marketer then the name of marketer is mentioned on the product labelling and packaging should contain its address. This guideline only describe compulsory mentioning the name of marketer and his address but does not define that marketing address could be address of marketing company premise which have valid drug license number. Some big pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing companies does not allow marketing and PCD Companies to put address other then given at drug license similarly many small and medium size pharma manufacturing companies permit pharma marketing companies to mention marketing address as per their choice but in both of the case no one has clear understanding.

For conducting pharma business in India, PCD Pharma companies or pharma marketing companies should contain wholesale drug license. It is issued after verifying the requirements, documents and inspecting the premises. Certificate of wholesale drug license contains address of premises which is inspected, where company is located and where all the stocking and distribution of pharma products is going on. It is compulsory for premises where all the medicines are stock or distributed. It should not mention any other marketing or sales office address other than that and medicines cannot be stored in unauthorized premises. But some pharma companies set their corporate or marketing office other than licensed premises. Even some small pharma companies use distributor license to conduct business and not even try to take drug license with the name of their firm. They provide some percentage of margins to distributors for using their drug license. This is unethical business practise and every marketing company should have their own drug license.

Using own drug license and marketed address as same address mentioned at drug license certificate is best practise but some time it is not good for marketing point of view, even small pharma companies hesitate to use their local address. With the use of local address distributors, patients and many other health care professionals consider company as local and the quality of its drug may be inferior. It is the biggest problem face by marketing companies when they use their local address but if somehow they can arrange their marketing address from famous pharma hubs such as uttrakhand, Gujarat, Mumbai then this perception about product quality could be different. Many PCD Pharma Companies set their sales office on rent at desired location where they wish to show their marketed by address. Some companies also use relative’s address or use shared address for showing their marketing address but this method is not authentic. For short term basis, you can rent an office at desired city location to show as your corporate office. After few time, you should proceed for drug license for that location when you become able.