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Importance of FAQ in business of PCD Pharma

The main purpose of an FAQ segment is to offer general information about some frequent asked questions that may arise in the mind of potential customer. We always try to make this segment more useful and include some of the frequent questions. Some important FAQs are given as below

What is mean by PCD Pharma Franchise?

The term “PCD Pharma Franchise” defines as the authorization permitted by PCD Pharma Companies to franchise owners to do distribution and marketing for PCD companies in their respected areas on monopoly basis. They can use company name, brand name, marketing material and other commercial materials for growing of their pharma business.

Who can start Pharma Marketing Company in India?

Starting PCD Pharma Company in India is not a difficult process. Any person with sufficient working experience in pharma and healthcare industry with wide marketing network can start their own PCD Company after finishing some process and procedures.

Is process of pharma marketing is slow one?

PCD Pharma is profitable business. That is why many new pharma entrants are coming to earn profit in this segment but it is slow process as it takes time to appoint new pharma franchiseeand establish itself as a reputed name in the market.

Which are the main types of Pharma marketing process?

In pharma marketing, mainly there are two types of distribution process is used. One is single level distributorship used for small scale of business module whereas multi level distributorship is used for large level of business module.

Provide details of investment for starting Pharma franchise company.

For starting pharma franchise company, investment is mainly dependent on the number of factors such as products, used molecules, its cost, batch size other marketing and admin charges. For starting new pharma company at small level you can invest as low as fifty thousand. After passing some time as a profitable venture you can add more product segments and grow your pharma business.

Is contract / third party manufacturing is useful in pharma sector?

Contract manufacturing is strange word for new entrants in pharma segment but it is common among all pharma companies as it is the most helpful cost reduction method for pharma marketing companies. With the help of third party manufacturers, they can concentrate more in their marketing business.

What are the other costs needs to be calculated along with business operating cost?

When a person starts PCD pharma business, he should calculate all the operating, marketing, admin cost along with margin of business stakeholders such as distributors, retailers, stockist and C&F agents.

How to save cost of salary?

New entrants operate company with their own investment and savings so usually they go for cost reduction but they must need to hire employees for various tasks and pay salary to them. In new business it is difficult to get any type of margin or profit. To solving this problem, they appoint marketing agents based on commission to increase their sale.