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Is it necessary to register your own product brand name in PCD Pharma

Is it necessary to register your own product brand name in PCD Pharma

It is not compulsory for any PCD Pharma Company in Gujarat to register its brand name but for preventing it from any future conflict and safety of your own brand name, it is important to get registered with concern authority. With this process of registration your product name will get registered at registry of trademark. Drug department of India has already given permission to manufacturers and marketers to register their name. There is no need of brand name approval for pharma manufacturing companies, they can get approval with generic name also..

Brand name has more values than simple name. New pharma companies or start ups find it difficult to get all their products registered under trademark but they can register their company name and few important product name under registration of trade mark. For registration of brand name, the charge of government body is approx Rs. 4000/ per name. In many such cases, advocates handle the deal and also include their charge with registration fees. They charge about Rs. 1000 to 2000/- per brand name as working fees.

The registration process for trademark is very long. You can apply for trademark registration after completing all legal and formal formalities and need to wait for 2 years for your products to get registered by government bodies. If it will clear all formalities and no objection raised by any other party then you will get your product registered with trademark and you can write TM with your brand name. In case, if any third party raise objection then you need to pass through long procedure of hearing and again it will take more time. There are some agencies and companies, who can do whole process by themselves. Most of companies hire them to register their products.

There is importance of brand name but if you are new pharma company or start up and have low budget then you can work without trademark registration. After few span of time you can apply for trademark registration. Before applying, you need to decide suitable brand name for your product and search all the related details about it. Be careful while choosing brand name because sometime after finishing manufacturing, you find product with same brand name is available in the market.

Even manufacturing companies ask for affidavit to avoid any future brand name conflict even though you can provide any name for any molecule to manufacture. As per affidavit, you declare that brand name of product has your sole proprietorship and manufacturing company is not responsible for any type of conflict. Brand name is also mentioned at product packing. In PCD Pharma marketing, brand name is very important. It is key to success because many people recognize its quality and value with the help of brand name only.