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Quality requirements for Pharma Marketing Company

Pharma Marketing Companies are responsible for the effective quality and safety of the medicines. Health and family welfare department which come under health and family welfare ministry has issued one important notification to draft some rules to follow under drug and cosmetics rules 1945 which has heading of “Responsibility and packing requirement of Pharma marketing companies”. The said notification should be considered for the public on or after expiry of thirty day period from the date when this said gazette published in India and its copies made available to the general public.

The Draft Rules States that:-

Definition of Marketer: The term marketer is defines as any person or company, who can distribute, sell or market any product or works as an agent for marketing of drugs manufactured by other drug manufacturer by labelling or affixing of his company name on the drug labelling for its sale or distribution.

Responsibility of Marketer: Any marketer who is engaged in marketing, distributing or selling of any drug is equally responsible for the drug quality and other regulatory rules as its manufacturer is abide by these rules.

Requirements of Labelling: In the case when drug is marketed by marketer company then name of the marketer company and its address should be mentioned on the labelling of drug. There are two conclusive points of this discussion. First one is good for marketers but second is not pleasant for them.

First Conclusion: Before proposition of this statement, drug and cosmetic rules does not explaining anything about marketing companies or marketer and about their legality. After this draft implantation, government will officially provide name and address legality to marketer and marketing companies.

Second Conclusion: At present time, marketing companies are not responsible to fulfil quality standards of drugs. They are benefited because they do not have any quality responsibility and do not need to follow any regularity compliance. If a medicine or drug is found to be of a substandard quality then marketer can show purchase invoices of drugs to regulatory committee or drug department received from drug manufacturing company. Directly or indirectly marketing companies are not responsible for drugs of substandard quality but after this drafts implementation all the channel partners are equally responsible for medicine quality as medicine manufacturer.

    Role of PCD Pharma Companies
  • Get manufacturing done by certified drug manufacturers
  • Get latest updates about packaging, labelling and other quality standards from drug authority of India.
  • Ask for certificate analysis from drug manufacturer for every batch of drugs
  • Set up your own laboratory or try to conduct test from any independent laboratory for random batch of drugs.