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Why PCD Pharma Companies adding ayurvedic segment in their business

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For starting a successful business carrier, Pharma Business is considered as one of the favourite business sector because it is safe, profitable, regular demanded and rapidly growing business segment. But since last some years, it becomes uncertain business segment due to high competition, unstable market demand, inflation and pharma policy. There is unclear prediction about its future trends. Every financial year is crucial for PCD Pharma Company in India. Many new rules and regulation is implemented by government for the betterment of this sector and patients but there effect is proved beneficial for short term.

Other side, Ayurvedic segment is new popular business trend in Indian pharma market. Changing awareness and increasing education level is making future of ayurvedic business segment more brighter. Similarly growing demand and favourable regulations of ayurvedic products creates new business opportunities. Ayurvedic segment is part of pharmaceutical sector and there are many other segments such as FMCG, OTC and cosmetics are also associated with Indian pharma sector. Indian Pharmaceutical sector is growing globally and it has no fear to loose market to Ayurvedic or any other segment in coming future. Even Ayurvedic doctors prefer to prescribe allopathic medicines in place of ayurvedic. So whether it is allopathic or ayurvedic, many pharma franchisees are adding ayurvedic products in their list to take advantage of both the segment.

    Here we are giving following reasons behind it:
  • Demand of Ayurvedic Products: Market demand of ayurvedic products is increased due to awareness towards health. Now people inquire about possible side effects of particular pharma product. If product contains a label of Ayurvedic then it is enough to trust that product because Ayurvedic products are considered as safe and free from any possible side effects. Ayurvedic preparation has also important role in OTC and food supplements. So customer demand for Ayurvedic products is increasing and it is considered as lucrative business opportunity to start.
  • More opportunities: Before success of Patanjali, only few ayurvedic companies like Himalaya, Hamdard and Dabur were well known name in Ayurveda. But with the changing market trends, ayurvedic business is tend to rise as business opportunities has increased with growing demand.
  • Rules and Regulation- Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly and with this growth, all rules and regulation become stricter as per international standards. Other side ayurvedic products are sold with OTC and other supplements with nominal rules and regulations. Even some product do not require license.
  • Same method of Distribution- Mostly all ayurvedic products are available with chemists for selling. They follow the same pattern of distribution and business as pharma products. This pattern helps to do business more conveniently along with pharma franchise business.

Moreover ayurvedic sector requires less formalities and easy to start in comparison with pharma business. It will provide good scope to new entrants and pharma franchisees to start ayurvedic segment along with pharma products. So updating ayurvedic segment creates positive impact on pcd pharma business.